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windsor promote

there's a lot going on around here

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This is where you can promote entertainment and arts related events happening in windsor and essex county.

Images of promotion designs should be no wider than 500p wide. if you want to post them any wider than that please put it behind an lj cut, but it's probably ideal to scale them down in proportion for maximum promotion of your event. people really do like pretty things.

Keep posts clean, use common sense, respect others, and all that stuff. posting the promotion of other communities is permissible.

Posts may be deleted if they are not promotion- or event-related, such as job postings unless it is event related, things for sale unless it is an event like an auction or large sale with event details, or apartments for rent, lost pets, etc. besides, they suit other windsor communities much better, so post them over there instead.

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windsor_indie, windsor_users, uwindsor, 519_windsor, houseofsound, and 89x.

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